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Email address: The email address listed with RHE as your contact email will be your login name. This email will continue to be associated with the RHE member as the controlling member of the family with administrative rights for the listing of personal information, etc. for the family. Additional email addresses may be registered for children and other members of the family, but the addition email addresses will not have access to administrative tasks for the family.

Password: the first time you visit the site, you must use the password assigned by the administrator. Once logged in, the password may be changed by clicking on the “Help” tab,then clicking the green "Change Password" bar at the bottom of the page. Fill in the fields and click "send new password".

**If you do not know the password assigned by the administrator, or if you have forgotten the password you chose, click on the login page and then click the “forgot password” button. Fill in the email address that you have registered with RHE membership and a new password will be emailed to you. Login with your email address and copy/paste this password in the login page, Once logged in you should click “Help” tab, then click on the green "Change Password" bar at the bottom and change your password to something you will remember.

Remember me next time: By checking the “Remember me next time” box, Raymorehomeschool.com will automatically log you in each time you visit the site from that same computer. This makes for easier access to Raymorehomeschool.com, but if you visit this site from a computer that other people have access to, manually logging is the best option.

Welcome: A general greeting and description of RHE on the Home page.

Newsletters: (green bar at the bottom of the Home page-below the Welcome page, after log in) Monthly RHE newsletters will be archived on this page. Just click the month you would like to view and the newsletter will open in a new window.

About RHE: (green bar at the bottom of the Home page- below the Welcome page, after login): Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, Conduct Expectations, Leadership Team Directory, Coordinator Directory, Service Opportunities, and Membership Application are listed on this page. Click the title of the desired document and it will open in a new window.

Contact RHE: (green bar at the bottom of the Home page, below welcome, newsletters, and About RHE): RHE mailing address and a link to RHE email address, opens new email form.

Home: This link returns you to the Home page, where you can view the welcome page, and access the Newsletters, About RHE, and Contact tabs.

Calendar Annual Program Calendar, Coming Events, Calendar, and Submit Calendar Event Form are located under the Calendar tab

Coming Events: a listing of upcoming events chronologically. By clicking on the name of the event a pop-out window will open with more details (if available) and a link to a map (if available). The Yearly Program Schedule is listed at the top of the page- click to open. Calendar: The calendar is a Google calendar, so events may be saved to your personal Google calendar, if desired. By clicking on an event, a pop-out window will open with more details (if available) and a link to a map (if available). Calendar may be viewed by week or month, and has a print button in the top right-hand section. Submit Event: If you have an event that you would like to have appear on the RHE calendar, fill out the form and click “save”. The item will be reviewed and added to the calendar if appropriate.

Directory: Membership is divided by alphabetical divisions; A-J, K-R, S-T, U-Z. Click on appropriate range to see families. It may be necessary to use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the frame to see the families below the main view. Thumbnail size photos are displayed in the upper right hand corner. They may be enlarged by clicking on the image. The image will return to thumbnail size by clicking “OK” at the base of the photo.

My Family: Primary Member’s Name, phone numbers, address, Family Surname (the name your family should be alphabetized by in the Directory), Description (a description of your family, the interests you share, your family mission statement or verse, anything you would like to share to better identify your family)

Parent Info: (green bar under “My Family”) additional parent or guardian to be listed with the family. Select parent name from the drop down box, or click “add new” to add an additional parent/guardian. Interests: (interests specific to this parent) When finished, be sure to click “save” in the bottom, right corner of the box.

Student Info: (green bar below My Family and Parent Info) all students to be listed with the family. Select name from drop down list, or click “add new” to add a new student name to family. Phone numbers and email addresses specific to the students are optional. Please enter birth date, gender, and grade for each student. When finished, be sure to click “save” in the bottom, right corner of the box.

Family Album: (green bar below My Family, Parent Info, and Student Info) Clicking “Upload Image” will open a new box. Click “Browse” to search for image file and then select. Enter caption, if desired, and click “upload”. Image will be listed, to view click on image name. A small image will appear, and can be viewed larger by clicking the image itself. To return to the album page, click the “OK” button at the bottom of the enlarged photo. To delete photo, click “delete” at the bottom of the enlarged photo.

Sign Out: use this link to log off the RHE website.

Help:The Change Password function is located by clicking on the green bar marked “Change Password” at the bottom of the Help page. When form opens, enter current password, then new password, and then again to confirm. Click “Send new Password”.